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Explore our brand story & why our expert Professional Providers are highly motivated to consistently provide dependable, quality & guarantee backed services because each one is a proud nano-franchisee business owner & nobody cares like an owner!

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Nobody Cares Like An Owner!

We are a national Canadian company that motivates Canadians to write their own success stories by giving them the opportunity to love what they do and earn a good living through nano-franchise ownership.

Our aim is to become Canada’s largest franchisor — or as we term it, Nano-Franchisor — and the trusted first choice of Canadian consumers.

We envision our unique nano-franchise business model helping to redistribute wealth and raise the socio-economic status of our service Providers on the front lines.

Our national network of nano-franchisees provide consumer services across various industries through numerous divisions such as Motivated House Cleaners and Motivated Pooper Scoopers.

In the coming weeks and months we have several other divisions slated for national rollout such as Motivated Household Helpers, Motivated Haircutters, Motivated Nail Technicians and Motivated Wash and Fold, just to name a few.

What sets us apart is our unique approach to service delivery with each technician, who always carries out the work, being the proud owner of their own nano-franchise business.

This fosters a level of commitment & dedication that can’t be replicated in any other work arrangement.

As a consequence they’re highly motivated, hence our name, to consistently provide dependable quality and guarantee backed services because nobody cares like an owner!

Learn more about the inspiring story of how our founder, Mark Baker, refused to accept the status quo.

Motivated Brands Inc. President and family
Mark Baker – President of Motivated Brands Inc.

Motivated Brands Inc. Divisions

Click on a divisional logo below to visit that division’s website. The heart of every Motivated Brands Inc. division is our expert nano-franchisee owners who consistently provide dependable, quality and guarantee-backed services. If you have questions about our services or anything else, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Our expert Customer Support Agents are always eager to assist you.

Need a change? Learn how our turn-key system can help you write your own success story, love what you do and earn a good living. Join us today, become your own boss and be in business for yourself, but not by yourself!

Meet Our Team

Meet some of our expert Professional House Cleaners who carry out the work. Each one is highly motivated, hence our name, to consistently provide dependable, quality & guarantee backed residential house cleaning services because they are proud nano-franchisee business owners & nobody cares like an owner! You can feel good knowing you are supporting local nano-businesses and your local economy, plus helping to redistribute wealth and raise the socio-economic status of our providers on the front lines.


Discover the glowing testimonials from our satisfied customers about their experiences with our expert nano-franchisee providers . Motivated Brands Inc. is celebrated for consistently providing dependable, quality, and guarantee-backed services to our valued customers.

Our expertise encompasses a variety of services across various industries such as residential house cleaning, pet waste removal services, housecall haircutting services plus more. Each testimonial stands as a testament to the exceptional standards and unwavering commitment that our Providers bring to their work every day. Our customers’ feedback underscores the professionalism that makes our Nano-Franchisee owners a trusted name across Canada.

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