Announcement: Our New Membership with the Mount Pearl-Paradise Chamber of Commerce

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve joined the Mount Pearl-Paradise Chamber of Commerce. This membership will benefit our Customers, encompassing both the Consumers of our services and the Providers of our services too.

It affirms our deep commitment to professionalism, high standards and active engagement in the community. For our Nano-Franchisee Providers, this association opens doors to Chamber-led professional development opportunities and resources. It also provides avenues for networking, vital for gaining new customers, while significantly enhancing their credibility, visibility and reputation in the market.

About Motivated Brands Inc.

Motivated Brands Inc. is a national Canadian company headquartered in Paradise, Newfoundland.  Our mission is to motivate Canadians to write their own success stories by giving them the opportunity to love what they do and earn a good living through nano-franchise ownership, while at the same time, consistently delivering dependable, quality and guarantee-backed services to Canadian consumers. 

Our Unique Service Delivery Approach

What sets us  apart is our  unique approach to service delivery with each technician, who always carries out the work, being the proud owner of their own Nano-Franchise business. This fosters a level of commitment & dedication that can’t be replicated in any other work arrangement. As a result they’re highly motivated, hence the company name, to consistently provide dependable quality and guarantee backed services because nobody cares like an owner!

Our Expanding Services

Currently we operate two divisions: Residential house cleaning services through Motivated House Cleaners and pet waste removal services through Motivated Pooper Scoopers.

2024 will see the rollout of several new divisions such as Motivated Household Helpers, Motivated Haircutters, Motivated Nail Technicians and Motivated Wash and Fold, just to name a few.

A Commitment to Professionalism, Quality, and Community

Our membership with the Chamber signifies our unwavering dedication to conducting business with the highest standard of professionalism. 

This commitment runs deep within our organization, driving every interaction we have with our valued Customers. As Chamber members, we take quality seriously, knowing that the excellence of our work reflects not only on our own reputation but also on the reputation of the entire Chamber community. 

Beyond our dedication to professionalism and quality, we recognize the vital role that businesses play in shaping their communities. Chamber members, including us, stand as pillars of the community, actively engaging in initiatives that give back and enrich the local area. 

Through our involvement with the Chamber, we proudly contribute to the betterment of the community we serve.

Enhancing Opportunities for Our Providers

Chamber membership is a valuable resource for our Nano-Franchisee Providers. It offers access to professional development opportunities and other chamber resources that enhance their business acumen and skills.

Additionally, it provides a platform for networking, allowing our Nano-Franchisee Providers to establish connections with new Customers and fellow entrepreneurs. Membership expands their visibility plus boosts their credibility and reputation, giving them a strategic advantage in the market. 

About the Mount Pearl-Paradise Chamber of Commerce

The Mount Pearl-Paradise Chamber of Commerce, founded in 1985, is an organization with a rich history of supporting businesses in the Mount Pearl and Paradise communities for over 30 years. 

As a Chamber of Commerce, its primary mission is to help local businesses build a strong and successful future. This chamber plays a pivotal role in advocating for the interests of local businesses with government authorities and providing valuable resources and support.

It creates opportunities for business owners and professionals to connect and network, fostering collaboration and growth within the local business community. 

The Mount Pearl-Paradise Chamber of Commerce is committed to mentoring, educating, and facilitating connections among its members while also advocating for the local business community’s needs. Its dedication to supporting businesses helps them thrive in the communities of Mount Pearl and Paradise, enabling them to reach their full potential.


Our membership with the Mount Pearl-Paradise Chamber of Commerce signifies not just an affiliation but a wholehearted commitment to professionalism, quality and community.

It stands as a pledge to uphold the highest standards in our business operations, knowing that our actions reflect not only on our organization but on the entire Chamber community. 

As active Chamber members, we understand the pivotal role businesses play in shaping local communities and we proudly stand as pillars, actively participating in initiatives that contribute to and enrich the areas of Mount Pearl and Paradise.

As we embark on this new chapter with the Chamber, we eagerly anticipate the opportunities, growth and collaborations that will benefit our valued customers and Nano-Franchisee Providers alike

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