The Omnichannel Customer Support Advantage at Motivated Brands Inc.


The purpose of this blog article is to explain Motivated Brands Inc.’s Omnichannel Customer Support system and how it delivers world-class customer support to our customers. Additionally, it will detail the benefits of this system, compare Omnichannel and Multichannel support systems, and emphasize why Omnichannel is the superior choice. Furthermore, it will provide a detailed explanation of a customer support ticket and clarify how our people behind the technology make Omnichannel support special.

What is Omnichannel Customer Support?

An Omnichannel customer support system allows customers to communicate with us through various channels, including phone, SMS, email, live website chat, web contact form and social media direct messages. These channels are seamlessly integrated.

The system meticulously records and connects each customer’s communication history across all channels, ensuring that any Customer Support Agent can provide informed assistance.

For example, if a customer begins a communication through email and later switches to a phone call or SMS, our expert Customer Support Agents have immediate access to the prior communications so customers don’t have to reiterate themselves leading to a smoother and more consistent customer support experience.

Omnichannel Functionality

Of course, Omnichannel means more than just interconnected communications. Our Customer support agents quickly search for answers to commonly asked questions and provide them to Customers in seconds. They can also tag each other and collaborate on customer support tickets.

This way, multiple Customer Support Agents or departments can work together on the same customer communication. They can even split customer support tickets that are more complex into smaller more manageable tasks or merge multiple related ones.

All this allows them to not only better organize and manage customer communications but, most importantly, to resolve them more effectively in terms of quicker resolution times, more accurate responses or more personalized assistance provided to the customer.

Additional Benefits

Beyond this, our system allows us to identify recurring issues, group them, and assign them to a Parent support ticket representing the main issue so we can solve the root problem and notify any affected Customer once that is done.

It provides us with Real-Time Workload Monitoring that tracks workload, helping to prevent burnout and ensuring efficient resource allocation. Similarly, Resource Allocation Based on Demand Patterns analyzes customer service trends for effective staff and resource distribution, ensuring balanced workloads and optimized performance standards.

Omnichannel vs. Multichannel Customer Support

In a more traditional Multichannel support framework, multiple communication platforms are available, but they function independently. Customer Support Agents cannot easily access past interactions or work on support tickets from other channels. This results in customers having to repeat their queries and a lack of efficiency and resolution rates.

In contrast, our Omnichannel support system seamlessly integrates these channels. Whether a customer transitions from an SMS conversation to a phone call, we can access the entire interaction history. Our support team is not limited to one channel, eliminating redundancy and ensuring a smoother customer experience.

Communication Channels at Motivated Brands Inc.

At Motivated Brands Inc., we offer a variety of communication channels, all interconnected, to ensure customers can connect with us in their preferred way and seamlessly switch between channels. Our channels include:

  • Toll-Free Phone: 1-888-410-6243
  • SMS: 1-888-410-6243
  • Email:
  • Social Media: Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Web Chat:
  • Website Contact Form:

The Role of Customer Support Tickets in Omnichannel Support

Customer support tickets are integral to our Omnichannel Support, ensuring that we maintain organized and efficient communication with our customers and deliver world-class customer support.

A uniquely numbered customer support ticket is automatically generated whenever a customer communicates with us through any communication channel. This provides a structured and organized way to manage customer communications and ensure efficient resolutions.

Ticket Details

In essence, each customer support ticket is a formal request for assistance capturing all the details of the customer’s communication. These tickets contain vital customer information, including contact details, issue descriptions, and timestamps. Furthermore, they are categorized based on urgency, specific departments, or relevant divisions and are assigned a status such as open, pending, resolved, waiting on customer, or waiting on a third party to ensure accountability and facilitate efficient handling.

Benefits of Ticketing

This ticketing system brings numerous benefits to our customers, such as quicker response times, faster resolutions, and better outcomes. Moreover, the data gathered from these tickets can be analyzed to identify trends, areas for improvement, and service enhancements, ensuring that we continually optimize our customer support experience.

The Warmth Behind Our Tech: The People Who Make It Shine

While our Omnichannel support system at Motivated Brands Inc. is built on state-of-the-art technology, its true essence lies in the human element – our Customer Support agents. They are the actual heartbeat of our world-class customer support, bringing our advanced technological infrastructure to life with their talent and dedication.

The Human Touch

Our agents are available 24/7/365, ensuring that customers always have access to support whenever they need it. They are not only fluent in English but also expertly trained through our Motivated Brands Academy. This comprehensive training equips them with the skills necessary to excel in their roles. More importantly, they are deeply committed to our company’s mission and vision, ensuring that every customer interaction is infused with our core values and goals.

In today’s digital era, where genuine human connections can often be overshadowed by technology, our team stands out. Their role transcends traditional customer service; they create meaningful interactions that resonate with customers, establishing trust, loyalty, and advocating for our customers’ needs.


Motivated Brands Inc.’s Omni-Channel Customer Support seamlessly weaves together multiple communication channels, empowering customers to use their preferred means of communication while effortlessly transitioning between them. This integration ensures a seamless and non-repetitive customer experience, leading to quicker responses and superior outcomes. Our team of expert customer support agents infuse life into our technology, delivering world-class support.

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